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I'm using phpunit/phpunit-selenium for ui functional testing. I followed this brochure phpunit-selenium on github

So far,I have to run the selenium standalone server as a http proxy, while I want to operate the browser directly like Java.

Java code:

WebDriver diver = new FirefoxDriver(); 

but i didn't find a class named WebDriver in phpunit-selenium code.

Could anybody show me a code sample in PHP ,thanks

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Yes, I have the same problem with Facebook WebDriver. I want to use Selenium WebDriver API, it means without any Selenium Server (ex: localhost:4444). Did you find a solution for this? Please share it to me! Thanks – Tín Phạm Aug 15 '15 at 4:02

Edit: I misunderstood your question. I guess facebook php-webdriver can help you. Search something like 'facebook php webdriver example' and you can find code examples.


Test of Phpunit Selenium on Github there are some examples.

And there are examples in official manual.

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