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Setup for doing PHP Email: Xampp on local Windows 7, Mercury, Google smtp server.

Configured Mercury for sending mail and tested it by sending email to outside email addresses from the Mercury/32 admin interface, and also from Thunderbird email program - so I know that setup works. Did not touch sendmail file. However, when I try to send email using php commands, I get a "Mail sent successfully" message, but no email arrives, and nothing happens on the Mercury admin panels. I checked the logs in Xampp and Mercury, but can't seem to see anything that tells me something even happened. How can I start to troubleshoot this situation?

Typical PHP code I used:

 if (mail($to,$subject,$body))
  echo "Mail sent successfully!";
  echo"Mail not sent!";

I am thinking of trying out this approach which seems very simple and just uses the sendmail.ini file without Mercury: http://www.developerfiles.com/how-to-send-emails-from-localhost-apachephp-server/

This makes no mention of Mercury at all - does this mean Mercury is not needed for this solution and I would just turn it off? If someone can provide a simple explanation of how Mercury and Sendmail relate to each other, if at all, I would appreciate it. Some tutorials say to change sendmail.ini, others don't - would like to know a little more about the mechanics of this package.

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