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So I have a button that I added through GreaseMonkey:

var input = document.createElement('input');
input.type = 'button';
input.value = 'Off';
input.onclick = turnTheWheelsofTime;

This button worked fine when I added it to the page using this:


However, I wanted to position my button in a non-moving box on the page, instead of just appending it to the end (this is my real concern, the following is just how I applied it, so if you know a better way I would be happy to hear)

I found a solution that used AJAX. I added these to my script:

// @require
 // @grant       GM_addStyle`<br><br>
$("body").append ( '\
    <div id="displayBox">\
    <p id="displayBoxText">Test</p>\
    <button id="gmCloseDlgBtn" type="button">Close popup</button>\
' );

To add the button to this new <div> I created, I got the element and called it box_element, and used this line:


instead of the previous:


This works sort-of perfectly. The box is added to my <div>, I didnt paste this in the question but I used some CSS with GM_addStyle, and it all got applied to my <div>. Everything looks beautiful, but the button doesn't do anything.

Why? I can have it do a console.log('test'); which works fine, but when I try to use functions from my Greasemonkey script, nothing happens?

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I dont feel this is relevant to the question, but this is how the gmCloseDlgBtn is worked: //--- Use jQuery to activate the dialog buttons. $("#gmCloseDlgBtn").click ( function () { $("#displayBox").hide (); } ); This button works fine, but when I try to add my button using this method it also fails. I assume thats because my Greasemonkey functions are out of the scope of the page in the html, which is why Im confused why its not working the way I asked in the question – MikeTGW Mar 4 '14 at 5:30
fyi, this isn't "Using AJAX", it's just using jQuery. – rampion Mar 6 '14 at 4:03

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In case anyone was curious, I figured out the error. It was actually related to introducing the @grant into my script. My function turnTheWheelsofTime used javascript functions from the page, and apparently using @grant sandboxes everything. The sandboxing from the @grant is actually what broke the function

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