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I want to add some printf statements of my own in the BSD network stack. But after adding them I cannot see the messages coming up on the console of my machine. I tried to add some in the netisr ( sys/net/netisr.c ) . Cannot even find the already present printf statements. A noob at kernel programming.

 netsmp_lockinit(void *dummy)
          printf("Function %s   File %s : Line %d\n",__func__,__FILE__,__LINE__);
          rw_init_flags(&Netstack, "netsmp", RW_NETLOCK);
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please put what you did here –  Oz123 Mar 4 '14 at 8:37

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The kernel can't use the C Standard I/O facilities. It must use a logging facility. For example, sys/netinet/in.c uses

log(LOG_INFO, "in_scrubprefix: err=%d, old prefix delete failed\n", error);

to communicate to the world outside what happened.

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