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I have a requirement to encrypt my data before I store it into the database.

Does Apigee AppService support storing encrypted content?

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You may want to explore the use of using Node.js in Apigee Edge, to proxy and encrypt/decrypt requests to/from App Services (Apigee Advanced API Services)

There is a Node.js SDK for Apigee Advanced API Services here:


Apigee has (limited) support for Crypto, which may be of use in your use case:


Hope this helps

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There is no server-side encryption mechanism in App Services (Usergrid), other than for passwords.

I'm not sure if this will solve your use case, but it is easy enough to run a hash (like MD5) on any field you want prior sending the data to the server. You would send something like this:

POST /dogs


In the JSON above, the value of the name field is "fido", which has been hashed using MD5. The value of the secretproperty field, is "secret property", which has also been similarly hashed using MD5. Since it is MD5, it will always hash to the same value, so later you could rehash and get the same value (pseudocode below):

//rehash the value and store it in a variable:

name = yourMD5HashFunction("fido")

//use the variable to get the right value:

GET /dogs/name

//rehash the value:

secretprop = yourMD5HashFunction("secret property")

//use it to get the name:

GET /dogs?ql=select * where secretproperty=secretprop

Both of which would give you back the record.

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