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I had built a VBA based automated query bot that used to query google's home page and download the HTML source code of results page.

But google blocked my IP because of a huge amount of traffic that was coming from my IP.

Now, in order to by-pass the google's anti bot script I have decided to query google anonymously i.e. by hiding my ip.

To achieve this, I have decided to use TOR Bowser as (according to what I have read) it would send request to the "destination server" (i.e. google) using a different exit node each time. Thus, for every two consecutive requests the "source ip" (which will be the exit node for google) will be different.

Hence, if all works out well, may be google would not be able to single out and block my ip, the one from which all of the automated queries will actually be initiating.

Please let me know if there is some major disconnect in my approach as I have just started into automated queries and stuff.

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guys please help me out...this thing has been troubling me for 2-3 days and I am really losing my patience on this –  d_novice Mar 4 at 13:11

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