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I have 2 projects A and B. I have set project A as a library project and I have added its dependency in project B. Now when I build my Project B, I find that R.java includes id's of controls/layouts from both A and B.

Now I compare the R.java files of project A and B. Initially the class id of say a particular widget is same in both R.java files.
Now I add a new control (say a Button) in Project B. If I check the R.java files now, then there is a mismatch between the class ids of same widget in Project A and B.

Due to this I am getting classNotfound and classcastexception at runtime. Has anyone faced a similar issue? Its very frustrating!

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Once delete R file in project B. Then clean and rebuild. –  Kanwaljit Singh Mar 4 at 10:36
Yes i tried. but still the i am getting same issue. I also tried renaming the widget whose id did not match. But still no difference. –  user1122549 Mar 4 at 10:40
Once delete R file in A project. Recently I have same problem but not exactly same. –  Kanwaljit Singh Mar 4 at 10:48
Tried that also. Still the ids dont match. –  user1122549 Mar 5 at 10:33

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