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I am trying to run an executable(notepad.exe in this case) from a client machine(running Windows 7) on a remote VMWare ESX Host(running windows 7).I am using 'VMWare Tasks' to programatically control the Virtual Machine using C#. The problem I am facing is that when I try to run the executable,the Interactive Detection Services on the remote VM displays a dialog and only after clicking 'View Message' does it allow the the executable to run. As my task involves end to end automation with no manual intervention,any insight into how this can be achieved without anyone having to click anything on the VM would be of great help.

I read about the IDS being a service that basically takes us to the Session 0 to display the GUI and only after clicking there would i be be able to run the executable in Session 1. Any insight into running the executable on session 1(the current active cosnole on the VM ) would be of great help.

Also,I tried disabling the IDS,which inturn did not allow any executables to run on the VM at all.


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