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I have X number of test input files for a python program and for each file, I want to generate debug configuration for each input file in Eclipse skipping the painful process of clicks.

Does anybody know which directory/file Eclipse internally uses to store the debug configuration especially the argument to the program?

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eclipse community seems to be lil inactive on SO :( –  comiventor Mar 6 '14 at 12:47

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If you mean the Debug Configuration for the launch that is stored in a xxx.launch file in the workspace .metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.debug.core/.launches directory.

Eclipse has extensive APIs for launch configurations, see for example this question

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thanks a tonne @greg-449 –  comiventor Apr 4 '14 at 10:54
stackoverflow.com/questions/22958449/… can you help me with this question too? –  comiventor Apr 9 '14 at 12:11

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