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i'm trying to use the sample project of the latest google calender api but my application never starts because of the NoClassDefFoundError: com.google.api.client.extensions.android.http.AndroidHttp error in the logcat and i have googled and searched in stackover flow for this and tried all possible answers and added extra libraries plus of the google java client libraries like guava library and others, but i always get the same error.

so does any one know an alternative for the HTTP transport class "where the error i get is at this line" or for this http library to just get the android google calender sample application started or suggests an extra library than of the google java client api libraries v1.17 or maybe someone has experienced the same problem in the latest java client version and managed to solve it somehow.

note: i don't want to use the calender provider api since i'm trying to run the calender on api 10(Gingerbread).

also i hope someone who answers me has dealt lately with the google calender because he might have not experienced these problems for older java client libraries or older than google calender v3, or if he speaks based of older versions, he would tell me exactly all of his resources.

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