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I have a private deployment of Cloud Foundry v2 on aws ec2 instance and deployment contains api, core, data, cloud controller, dea each on separate VM. i want to integrate loggregator with this private cloud foundry deployment. Location of loggregator documents in github is (https://github.com/cloudfoundry/loggregator)

So while integrating loggregator with Cloud Foundry v2 i have following query

1) This docs says that Logging agents is required to run in the cloud foundry components while the deployment BOSH script contains the logging agent only for dea . So how we can get logging agent for other cloud foundry component like cloud controller, gorouter, health manager, NATS? 2) Where it will store the log emitted by loggregator? 3) It shows static ip is assigned to loggregator and loggregator_trafficcontroller so how we can assign a static IP to the loggregator and loggregator_trafficcontroller on AWS EC2?

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