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I am working on a small project of mine using karma, and jasmine. My targeted browser is chrome 32.

I am trying to import scripts within a web worker whom I have instanciated through a blob as follows :

describeAsyncAppliPersephone("When the application project to DOM", function()
    it("it should call the function of DomProjection in the project associated with its event", function()
        var eventSentBack = {
            eventType: 'testReceived',
            headers: { id: 14, version: 4 },
            payLoad: { textChanged: 'newText' }
        var isRendered = false;
        var fnProjection = function(event, payload)
            isRendered = true;

        var bootstrap = [
            { eventType: 'testReceived', projection: fnProjection },
            { eventType: 'test2Received', projection: function() { } }

            var factory = new WorkerFactory();

        var worker = factory.CreateByScripts('importScripts("/base/SiteWeb/project/js/app/application.js"); var app = new application(self); app.projectOnDOM(' + JSON.stringify(eventSentBack) + '); ');


            var applicationQueue = new queueAsync(worker);
            var projectQueue = new queueSync(worker);
            var p = new project(applicationQueue, persephoneQueue, bootstrap);


        waitsFor(function() { return isRendered }, "Projection called", 500);



workerFactory is as follows :

this.CreateByScripts = function(scripts, fDefListener, fOnError)
        var arrayScripts = scripts;

        if (!arrayScripts)
            throw "unable to load worker for undefined scripts";

        if ( !== '[object Array]')
            arrayScripts = [arrayScripts];

        var blob = new Blob(arrayScripts, { type: "text/javascript" });

        var w = createWorker(window.URL.createObjectURL(blob));

        return new QueryableWorker(w, fDefListener, fOnError);

where createWorker is :

createWorker = function(sUrl)
            return new Worker(sUrl);

But the importScripts throws me the following error :

Uncaught SyntaxError: Failed to execute 'importScripts': the URL '/base/SiteWeb/project/js/app/application.js' is invalid.

I have tried with the path within the browser :


and it does work well.

What is the path I should use to make importScripts working successfully ?


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You can't use relative path in worker created with Blob.

Had this problem today. Solution is explained in "The Basics of Web Workers", but a little hidden in length of the article:

The reason being: the worker (now created from a blob URL) will be resolved with a blob: prefix, while your app will be running from a different (presumably http://) scheme. Hence, the failure will be due to cross origin restrictions.

If you are determined to avoid hardcoding domain name in your workers the article has also a solution for this. Import your scripts on receiving a message with URL as one of its parameters:

self.onmessage = function(e) {
    importScripts( + 'yourscript.js');

and start your worker with sending that url

worker.postMessage({url: document.protocol + '//' + });

The code above is simplified for clarity.

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brilliant!!! I did find a solution but it was a bit more hacky than yours.... have a nice day!!! –  Arthis Mar 23 '14 at 12:16

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