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Via Firefox+Firebug one can write out to the console a jQuery object and the console will, in great detail, show you what that particular object is referring to in the DOM.


In IE8, using the IE8 Developer Tools, I also have access to a console log, which will write out as above. However, just like doing an alert($myObject) all I get returned is a gneric object:

LOG: [object Object]

Is there a way to get IE to show me more detail other than 'this is an object'?

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One way would be to use Firebug Lite for IE with the same call to console.log. You can either include it as a script resource in the target page or save it as a bookmarklet in IE and load it whenever it's needed.

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PERFECT! Great tip. Thanks! –  DA. Feb 7 '10 at 16:53

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