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In Google+ documentation for Android I've found following code for sharing interactive posts:

  PlusShare.Builder builder = new PlusShare.Builder(this);

  // Set call-to-action metadata.
      "CREATE_ITEM", /** call-to-action button label */
      Uri.parse(""), /** call-to-action url (for desktop use) */
      "/pages/create" /** call to action deep-link ID (for mobile use), 512 characters or fewer */);

  // Set the content url (for desktop use).

  // Set the target deep-link ID (for mobile use).
          null, null, null);

  // Set the share text.
  builder.setText("Create your Google+ Page too!");

  startActivityForResult(builder.getIntent(), 0);

But it seems to me that this sample does not work. I see sharing dialog (with appropriate invitation indicator at the bottom) with pre-filled fields and I press share button at top-right corner. After that I receive success code in 'onActivityResult' method in my activity but when I open my Google+ page in desktop browser I do not see any invitation. I've tested code above on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with Android 4.4.2. Version of Google Play Services is 4242000.

Also if I try to change example links to my own (for example "Invite" indicator disappears from the bottom of share dialog and there is still nothing appears on my Google+ page.

Simple sharing without invitation works as it should. Can you help me to solve this trouble? Thanks you for any answer or idea.

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I am working on same kind of application so have you some solution of your problem ? My question is here… – Vibhor Bhardwaj Mar 19 '14 at 14:54
My problem was in old version of Google Play Services library – Daniil Popov Mar 19 '14 at 15:15

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