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For a new project I want to build the following:

A web application that will be used to make bookings to certain rooms in the user's company. The main page will contain a kind of calendar of the current day with an overview of the available rooms in his company, user can make reservations to these rooms for certain meetings or workshops.

(here is an example of what is should be like eventually: http://i.imgur.com/ZjrPEg0.jpg)

I am kinda new to ASP.NET but want to build this with MVC entity framework. I would really appreciate any help on how to start building this schedular cause i'm kinda stuck here! I found some tutorials with dhtmlx for example but these are only free for 30 days, I have spent looking for other useful demo's or tutorials but found none...

Thank you so much for your help!

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Well we can certainly give you reference materials, but they aren't exactly hard to find. Are you at least comfortable with the underlying high level languages you'll need as well? (HTML/CSS/Javascript && jQuery/XAML) This is a relatively difficult project if you intend on learning everything in one go. –  Mike Hometchko Mar 4 at 13:49
Waaaay too broad to be answered meaningfully. See stackoverflow.com/help/dont-ask –  Alex Mar 4 at 13:50
Yes I am comfortable with html, css, javascript, jquery.. –  Sesamzaad Mar 4 at 13:58
I know this is not an answer to your question, but I'm new to MVC too and I am struggling to supplement MVC with the controls that used to be easy/available with webforms/winforms. I'd really suggest you look at some 3rd party controls: demos.devexpress.com/MVCxSchedulerDemos –  L_7337 Mar 4 at 14:04
Maybe you should look at FullCalendar arshaw.com/fullcalendar –  Steve Mar 4 at 15:57