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I am trying to create and calculate a field called Score in an attribute table. Score would depend on two other fields, Width and Category. Width contains integer values, Category contains text. The Score field should assign a number of points based on the values of these two fields.

I was able to write a Python script assign values to SCORE based on the value of Width. However, once I tried to add Category as a parameter, I kept getting error messages saying that the parameters are not valid.

The code below worked (Width only):

expression = "getClass(float(!Width!))"
    codeblock = """def getClass(wd):
        if wd<=450:
            return 1
        elif wd>450 and wd<900:
            return 2
            return 3"""
 arcpy.AddField_management("featurelayer", "Score", "SHORT")

This code includes Category as a parameter and does not work:

expression = "getClass(!Width!,!Category!)"
codeblock = """def getClass(wd,cat):
    if wd<=35:
        return 1
    elif wd<90 and cat=='RED':
        return 2
        return 3"""

arcpy.AddField_management("featurelayer", "Score", "SHORT")

Thank you!

***I did try converting the two parameters in the second code - I tried float() for both, as well as str() for Category since it is a text field. Neither one worked, and the error messages were not very specific: "failed to execute getClass()"

***The Category field is completely populated (either 'RED' or 'BLUE')

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I noticed expression originally converted to float(). Does adding that function to !Width! and !Category! in the new code have any impact? –  Jimmy Smith Mar 4 '14 at 15:01
are all of your Category records populated? –  Hotpepper Mar 4 '14 at 15:18
Thanks for the suggestions. All of the category records are populated. I tried adding float() to width and str() to category (because it is text); that didn't work either. –  Tessa Mar 10 '14 at 13:28
Are you sure the Category-field is named like that? Maybe misspelled, case-sensitive, or you're using an alias instead of the real field name? What happens, if you use default values on your getClass function? Like def getClass(wd=0,cat=''): can you try the first version but this time with only Category? Does that work? –  andzep Nov 14 '14 at 0:10

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