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Each time I do a commit in Xcode I notice that the AppName.xcodeproj file/bundle has been modified. The modifications are obviously important although I don't have enough experience with Xcode to understand them.

What strategy should I use for this? Do I simply commit these changes each time? It's no big deal, it's just that it will appear in SVN history. I'm assuming that I don't add an 'ignore' SVN proprty for this file/bundle, right?

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That project folder contains the metadata for your project, so it certainly needs to be included in source control. There are a some user-specific files you can leave out, though. My .gitignore includes these two entries


But it won't hurt to leave them in, since they don't affect anything when other users open the project.

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Ah, I understand now. It's mostly these two files that changes occur in. So it's really the project.pbxproj that contains the project metadata? I think I'll add an 'ignore' to the user.mode2v3 and the user.pbxuser files. Thanks. – ryan Feb 7 '10 at 17:33

I have followed this article for every project and it helps me extremely well. You have to commit two files: .gitignore and .gitattibutes first in order for GitX to have effect.

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You'd better to add build directory in order not to include temporary binaries into the repository.

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