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I'm using SVN 1.7.5 from a Linux command line.

I have a directory that I do build tasks in called CMakeBuild. I like to keep this directory subverted as part of the repository since when I check out this project fresh on a new machine, the directory is there and ready to use. However, I would like to ignore all the files and directories (recursively) within this directory (as it's a lot of generated CMake build stuff).

I'd like to do this globally rather than on a project-by-project basis (since I have a lot of projects with the same set-up). So I'm trying not to do a recursive svn propedit.

Adding CMakeBuild to my global-ignores doesn't work, since the directory is already part of a repository (or many repositories, actually).

I've tried adding CMakeBuild/* and also */CMakeBuild/* as well, but this doesn't seem to help.

Is there a way to ignore all the files and directories in a specific directory, which itself belongs to a repository?

Regards, Madeleine.

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You're saying that you want to version this directory but keep it empty, so that when a build is started it's ready for use? Why couldn't you not version the directory (thus allowing you to ignore it) and make creating CMakeBuild (if it doesn't exist) the first step of the build script? –  alroc Mar 4 at 14:57
@alroc - yes, that is a means to solve the problem as I described. It seems odd that SVN wouldn't provide support for something like I describe. But that's another thread. Thanks for your input. –  Madeleine P. Vincent Mar 5 at 9:16
Subversion can support it (in slightly different style) in 1.8+ only. But for Mercurial (for example) it's more easier task, BTW, and you can still use your old SVN-repo with hgsubversion –  Lazy Badger Mar 6 at 2:22

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You can not implement this in Subversion by your style

Ignoring Unversioned Items clearly states:

  • Only file-patterns (globs) can be used, without path
  • Ignored files must be defined as property of parent dir
  • svn:ignore is not recursive

If CMake-artifacts have unique extensions, not used anymore in repository, you can try to use global-ignores runtime

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