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When I right click on some file in windows in opened menu, there is an Open With... line, by clicking I can select some program, which will open selected file. So now I need to launch this dialog for some file (or just run for "tmp.xml" name) using MFC. I need something like CFileDialog which makes it possible to browse files.

I have found SHOpenWithDialog, but Minimum supported client for it is Windows Vista [desktop apps only], it would be better to support windows XP too.

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So I have found this kind of solution.

void OpenWith(CString strFileNameToOpen)
    TCHAR lpPathBuffer[MAX_PATH];
    GetSystemDirectory(lpPathBuffer, MAX_PATH);
    CString strSystemDir = lpPathBuffer;
    STARTUPINFO si = {0};
    strSystemDir.Format(_T("rundll32.exe %s\\shell32.dll,OpenAs_RunDLL %s"), lpPathBuffer, strFileNameToOpen);
    CreateProcess(NULL, strSystemDir.GetBuffer(), NULL, NULL, FALSE, NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS, NULL, NULL, &si, &pi);
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