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creates a div with id="item"


creates a div with class="box" and id="item"

.box#="item "+x

creates a div with class="box" and a comment '#="item"+x'


throws "Illegal element: classes and ids must have values."

How do I get set the id to a variable?

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There are two ways:

The long form way (define the id as if it were a regular attribute):

.box{:id => "item_#{x}"}

produces this (x is what ever x.to_s evaluates to):

<div class="box" id="item_x">

The short form way:


produces the following assuming x is an instance of item:

<div class="box item" id="item_45">

See the HAML reference for more information.

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i had to remove the whitespace to make it work: .box{:id => "item_#{x}"} –  jethroo Feb 19 '13 at 17:14
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