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I'm making kind of a voxel engine but I'm having loads of trouble with one particular problem. I render a bunch of cubes stuck together but there are some glitches in between them. They go away if I adjust the camera angle just a tiny bit (like just 0.01 rads, around Y-axis) but as soon as it's a direct (orthogonal?) angle the sides of the cubes are seen through the top.

Here's a visual demonstration of my problem

enter image description here

The green is a bunch of cubes stuck together and the line in between comes from the side of the cube 'above' it, as you can on the row closest to the camera they have a slight color change on the sides. If I render them with the same color on the sides there are no more black lines so I'm pretty sure that's where the problem comes from. There can also be seen some black spots that are caused simultaneously.

I tried changing so the camera moves with less precision, integer instead of double (which makes movement very 'unsmooth') and I could not see any lines then, which I guess means it's a precision problem but I'm not sure. I tried switching to rendering using an indexed VBO instead of just adding all cubes together in buffer but that did not change anything.
I been stuck on this for a long time and haven't found a solution online. Even though I have a pretty good idea of the problem I have no idea of how to fix it.

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