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I have the following Cucumber scenario:

Scenario: Virtual machine creation
    Given an authenticated user
    When he creates a new virtual machine
    Then he should see the message "Your new virtual machine is being deployed"
    And should receive a confirmation email

Considering that deploying a new virtual machine takes about 2 minutes to complete, what is the best way to assert that the email was sent right after? Do I have to wait 3 minutes, for example, to do this assertion? It doesn't look right for me because the deploy may take more than the time expected.

Could you guys help me? Thanks!

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You could poll for that email with a reasonable timeout. Make the scenario fail when the timeout is reached. A nice side-effect is that if the VM is up sooner than expected, you'd get the email quicker and have the test end sooner as well. –  jbpros Mar 19 at 10:58

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