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I am trying to put together a POC right now for breeze calling an web API Odata service. Can breeze work with the Atom/xml format of the metadatadocument that is being served by default or should it be only in json format.

I checked the source code for web api specifically the ODataMediaTypeFomatters and identified that the ODataPayloadKind of Metadata is not part of the JsonMediaTypeFormatter.

I tried working with the atom/xml format but the breeze client is failing for that call.

Thanks in advance, Teja

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We need to distinguish metadata format from data format. AFAIK, OData metadata is always returned as XML. There is not now and never has been a JSON format for metadata. And Breeze has always consumed the XML representation of metadata coming from OData sources (a task outsourced to the dataJS library as I recall).

OData supports a variety of formats for query and save data although increasingly JSON is the only one that seems to matter.

I'm guessing the problem you've experienced is that Web API OData doesn't return the complete metadata that Breeze requires. It's main defect is that it omits definition of the foreign key properties that support associations. Microsoft knows about this and promises to fix it in the future.

Meanwhile, a member of the OData team provided an easy workaround and we've put it in a nuget package to make it even easier.

You'll find this described for our Web API OData sample. That sample is included in the full Breeze download, accessible from the Breeze DownLoad page.

Finally, a question for you. Why did you choose to write your app with Web API OData as opposed to straight Web API? I'm not judging. I'm curious. We want to understand the comparative value points of these closely-related alternatives. Thanks.

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i choose OData as we already have a SL app consuming an OData service. I need to use a remote Web API OData endpoint modeled on top of a EF codefirst i enabled CORS support for the respective controllers. however since the first call that breeze makes is for an ODataMetadata call and since it is internally handled by ODataMetadataController i was not able to decorate it with Cors attribute. so i created a separate controller, and associated convention, inheriting ODataController and decorated it with CORS. Options call goes through with out metadata payload. – Teja Mar 5 '14 at 3:33
A get request in fiddler gives the payload though. so can i generate the metadata by script as mentioned in breeze docs in to js file and bypass the metadata call and work with the OData endpoint for rest of the calls?. Can you please let me know my options in this regards and some resources i can check for in this scenario. – Teja Mar 5 '14 at 3:37
You don't have to put the cors attribute on the method or the controller. You can set it globally for the application. See Brock Allen's thorough treatment of Web API and CORS. You don't even have to use the attribute. IMPORTANT: you can't use the ODataConventionModelBuilder because it produces incomplete metadata. See the EdmBuilder described in our Web API OData sample – Ward Mar 5 '14 at 6:45
And, yes, you can generate the metadata any way you can get it, capture it in a script file and use THAT as your source instead of requesting $metadata from the server. Use "Load metadata from script" for inspiration. – Ward Mar 5 '14 at 6:47
Hi ward, Thanks for the information. i am trying to play around one of these samples . can you please let me know if there is an open webapi odata endpoint which is cors enabled for the same to play around the remote scenario in my local environment. – Teja Mar 5 '14 at 9:41

Right now breeze only supports json.

However please feel free to add a request for other formats to the Breeze User Voice We do take these suggestions seriously.

Also, please take a look at the new Breeze OData sample in the Breeze sample zip.

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Can you direct me to the Breeze documentation that states the following :- Breeze supports only JSON format for the OData Metadata. – Nikhil_Katre Sep 25 '14 at 5:16

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