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I have a main datagrid, and want to launch a window with another datagrid in it, bringing in a different dataprovider. However, when I do this it acts funnny, brings in some default datagrid information and then gives me an error when I try to set the dataprovider:

"multiple initializers for property dataprovider. (note: 'dataprovider' is the default property of mx.controls.datagrid)"

ANyone know what this means, or what I could be doing wrong?

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doh.. was just missing the wrapper on my datagrid. Weird error though, wish it would have just said "your missing ...".

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Thanks for the info, I was stuck with the same problem until I came across this and realized that I was missing the <mx:columns> tag around my <mx:DataGridColumn> tags. Doh! –  tth Jul 27 '10 at 6:54
I got this error from having my gridlines accidentally outside of my backgroundElements in a PlotChart. worst error decription ever? lol –  Damon Apr 4 '11 at 20:41

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