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I'm trying to create a program in C#(VS 2010) that allows you to make a direct monitor in real time by recording samples from the input device and sending it to the speakers output with the lowest possible latency, and change the sound with various effects.


I was able to create the direct monitor using the library PortAudioSharp, but I met some problems in the realization of the effects.

So I thought I've done the effects with the BASS.NET library, but I could not use it together with the PortAudio because the two libraries work differently and I could not figure out how to process the input sample took from the input device collected using the PortAudio. If someone would help me do this I would have solved half of my problems.


If there is no way to implement my first solution, I thought I'd do it all with the library BASS.NET, including direct monitoring. But even in this case I didn't understand how to do it. I had decided to: Create a recording channel; Save the data in a global variable; Pass the newly saved data to a stream channel.

With this solution begins to hear something from the speakers, but for me the rec and play routines are not synchronized and for this reason the sound you hear piecewise and the program crashes.

My question is: Does anyone know how to use the PortAudio and BASS together? Or could someone explain me how to do direct monitoring with the BASS?

Thanks for the answers. If you need some piece of code just ask, I have tried to do something for both solutions and maybe you would know how to correct me the code.

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Firstly, lowest possible latency/C#/Real-Time should not be used in the same sentence, without the negative. I love .net to bits, but the marshaling of data to and from native, is going to introduce huge latencies. – Aron Mar 5 '14 at 10:46
Thanks for the comment. I understand what you say, but unfortunately I have already started with C # and if I change it now would not be able to finish most of the project time .. So I'll keep a little 'latency. In the end I do not care so much is just a paper and not a commercial project. You still can give me some information on how to use the two libraries? Thank you and sorry for the google translation – Shafa95 Mar 5 '14 at 10:56

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