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I have Stripe and PayPal setup on the subscription model. I need help understanding how to create the association between the subscription and the users model.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

Subscription model:

    belongs_to :plan
      validates_presence_of :plan_id
      validates_presence_of :email

      attr_accessor :stripe_card_token, :paypal_payment_token

      def save_with_payment
        if valid?
          if paypal_payment_token.present?

      def paypal

      def save_with_paypal_payment
        response = paypal.make_recurring
        self.paypal_recurring_profile_token = response.profile_id

      def save_with_stripe_payment
        customer = Stripe::Customer.create(description: email, plan: plan_id, card: stripe_card_token)
        self.stripe_customer_token = customer.id
      rescue Stripe::InvalidRequestError => e
        logger.error "Stripe error while creating customer: #{e.message}"
        errors.add :base, "There was a problem with your credit card."

      def payment_provided?
        stripe_card_token.present? || paypal_payment_token.present?

  def cancel_recurring
     response = ppr.cancel_subscription(at_date_end: true)
     self.current_date_end_at = Time.at(response.current_date_end)
     self.plan_id = plan.id
     self.status = "canceled"
     return self.save
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I would probably have a has_one -> belongs_to between users and subscriptions. The Subscription has many attributes that can change a lot over time and when designing anything one of the first questions you should ask is, "what is going to change over time?"

You could then make a subscribed? method on the user for syntactic sugar

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  has_one :subscription

  def subscribed?

class Subscription < ActiveRecord::Base
  belongs_to :subscription

You'll want to have a column in your subscription table for user_id so you can use the association properly.

In addition, in the migration, you can add this column by using belongs_to (if you're on a newer version of Rails:

create_table :subscriptions do |t|
  t.belongs_to :user
  t.string :account_id

If you have everything set up right, then this should work in the rails console:

User.first.subscription # => Subscription<>
Subscription.first.user # => User <>
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Thanks for responding. I am clear on how to add the relationship between the models. The part I need help understanding is how to create the action. For example when user pays and the Subscription table is updated with the token and email, how can I update the Users table from it to show that user id 12 is now subscribed to plan 1. Setting the Subscription model to belongs_to is the first small step, which is why I know how to do that part haha. –  xps15z Mar 4 at 16:34
As long as you have a _id column in the belongs_to table, Rails should fill it in for you. In your case, adding a user_id to the subscription table. –  WattsInABox Mar 4 at 20:27
Sorry, had to edit my comment. I had it backwards. –  WattsInABox Mar 4 at 20:28
Wait, maybe I'm misunderstanding your setup a little. So you have a plan, a subscription, and a User. A user has one subscription, and a subscription will point to a plan, yeah? Also, Do you want to delete/update the subscription or do you want a new record each time it changes (for historical purposes)? –  WattsInABox Mar 4 at 20:35
It's fine, I was just making sure I wasn't making assumptions and leading you in the wrong direction. I updated my answer. Is it more helpful to you or at least more applicable to your situation if you've already figured it out? –  WattsInABox Mar 5 at 21:21

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