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Using the merit gem, I want to create a Pioneer badge for the first 100 users of my app.

The code in merit.rb

  id: 1,
  name: 'Pioneer',
  description: "Belongs to the 100 first users of the site",
  image: '/images/pioneer.png'

The code from badges_rules.rb takes in consideration that i'm using devise for authentification. So I followed this how to.

grant_on 'users/registrations#create', badge: 'Pioneer', model_name: 'User' do |user|
  user.id < 101

It's not creating any badge. It's interesting to notice that this other badge is working very well :

grant_on 'users/registrations#create', badge: 'Inscription', model_name: 'User'

It seems that Devise is messing with the user object. I did override the registration controller, exactly like the Howto said. And when I call this controller in a simple way, like with this "Inscription" badge, everything's ok.

But when I need to put a condition on the user's id, nothing happens.

For information, this is the code from user's show view, where the badges are displayed (this is working).

 <% @user.badges.first(5).each do |b| %>
   <%= image_tag(b.image) %>
   <%= b.name %>
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Add model_name: 'User' to your rule. This happens when the controller name is not named after the object (registrations != user).

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Thanks for your answer. But my user still have no badge :( I looked into your demo app and tried to make an automatic badge : grant_on 'registrations#create', badge: 'just-registered', model_name: 'User', to: :user do true end. It looks simple, but it's not working, I'm missing something somewhere. – Ruff9 Mar 6 '14 at 9:31
I'm still digging for the simpliest possible badge, and I'm currently trying this one : grant_on 'users#update', badge: 'profil_edite', to: :user so, I got undefined method _sash' for true:TrueClass with this funny log line: [merit] NoMethodError on User#user (called from Merit::TargetFinder#other_target). I think I'm getting close. – Ruff9 Mar 6 '14 at 11:47
I did it. And I found a mistake in your "How to grant badges on user registration using Devise". On the point 2, when you write grant_on 'registrations#create' in fact you mean grant_on 'users/registrations#create' – Ruff9 Mar 6 '14 at 14:13
And also, I don't think you mentioned the :image field in the create badge section – Ruff9 Mar 6 '14 at 14:25
sorry for the comments flood. Since the pioneer badge isn't working yet, I'm updating the whole question. – Ruff9 Mar 6 '14 at 19:29

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