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I am trying to write a method in a pic filter program that will change a picture to a pallet of gradient colors. amountRed and amountGreen are supposed to increase by 1 in each pixel as the program runs, and amountBlue is supposed to stay constant at 126. Here is what I have:

public static void gradient(Picture target) {
    int amountBlue = 126;

    for(int x=0; x < target.width(); x++){
        for(int y=0; y < target.height(); y++){
            target.set(x, y, new Color(x, y, amountBlue));

It is currently giving me an all black output and a parameter error, I believe I need to divide by width and height somewhere. How can I fix this?

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What's the part of JavaScript ? or just related because of name ! –  crypticous Mar 4 at 19:01
There's a GradientPaint class you can use to paint gradients. –  NESPowerGlove Mar 4 at 19:04
I need to do it in this way, using a simple method to iterate through pixels and add RGB to each. It adds 1 R with each increase in x, and 1 G with each increase in y –  Virge Assault Mar 4 at 19:53

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