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I am having problems trying to figure out how to $_POST the checkbox in TCPDF. do I do this through the array like the textbox?

I have seen

if (isset($_POST'fc1'])) echo 'checked="checked"'

but am unsure where to apply it to the php code for the checkbox to work.


$pdf->TextField("Docsize1", 30, 4, array(), array('v'=>$_POST["Docsize1"] ));
$pdf->Cell(7, 3, 'FC:');
$pdf->CheckBox('fc1', 4, false, array(), array(), 'OK');
$pdf->Cell(7, 3, 'DC:');


<input type="text" name="Docsize1" size="6">FC
<input type="checkbox" name="check[]" id="fc1">DC
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What do you want the checkbox to do? I'm confused here. If the checkbox is checked you want the docsize to change? –  Michael DeMutis Apr 14 at 19:29

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