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In the Net pane of developer tools I can see all the various scripts that are called on a webpage. I can do Ctl+F on the html source to find the script, or link to the script (like with the src attribute).

Sometimes however, scripts call scripts which are called by other scripts, so I can't see the actual reference to the script on the page. Is there anyway I can see exactly what called a particular script. Like a way in the net panel (eg on mainsite.com) I could see b.thomas.com was called by the call a.thomas.com. Then I could see that on the page, the chain started with <script src="a.thomas.com" type="text/javascript"></script>. The header I see in dev tools always simply says mainsite.com.

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See my answer at http://stackoverflow.com/a/19565853/432681.

Firebug is currently not able to display the origin of a request directly because of missing APIs in Firefox, though you can use the Referer header of each request as an indication.

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