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We have some interop code that involves matrices. I was trying to call the native DLL and for the most part it works very reliably.

I am relying on the default marshalling by .net, avoiding unmanaged pointers and rather using .net arrays for the most part, and maybe a byref here and there. The .net article says, that multidimensional arrays are implicitly marshalled as column-major one-dimensional arrays, which would be fine.

The only thing that does not seem to work, is trying to marshal a multi-dimensional array, as the F# compiler complains that float[,] is not allowed in an extern declaration. Is there any way around this limitation?

I am aware of the PinnedArray and PinnedArray2 types from the F# PowerPack, but I was looking for a solution which relies on managed pointers and - more importantly - I'd like to avoid having to include F# PowerPack as a dependency just for the PinnedArray classes.

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I suspect the article is referring to multidimensional arrays in the C sense. I'm not too familiar with C, but don't multidimensional C arrays use syntax similar to .NET jagged arrays? I don't think C has something like float[,]. So have you tried float[][]? –  Daniel Mar 4 at 23:21
According to the article, jagged arrays cannot be implicitly marshalled and multi-dimensional arrays should be able to be marshalled. –  Daniel Fabian Mar 5 at 10:08
Didn't you think on separation of concerns? You could organize business logic at F# side, having C# component responsible for interop, communications and other "inftrastructure" things. So, the problem just goes away... –  mikalai Oct 20 at 13:22

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