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How can I convert INFORMIX-SQL Version 11.50.FC3 schema to PostgreSQL 9.2 schema?

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Dump the schema to a text file, and use a text editor? See if there's anything useful here:… – Craig Ringer Mar 4 '14 at 23:20

I did some conversions as Craig said:

  1. dbexport of Informix database
  2. some search & replace in schema text file (I use Python for such things).
  3. on PostgreSQL server: psql -f [schema_file] new_database
  4. analyze psql output and if something is wrong drop new PostgreSQL database, and correct search & replace tools (goto 2)

When you convert all interesting things into PostgreSQL you can compare both schemas using my tools like:

Those tools are used mainly to compare Informix vs other Informix or PostgreSQL vs other PostgreSQL database but after some normalizing I believe you can compare PostgreSQL vs Informix.

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