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I have the following button as my navigationRightBarItem:

UIBarButtonItem *menubutton1 = [[UIBarButtonItem alloc] initWithImage:menuimage1     style:UIBarButtonItemStylePlain target:self action:@selector(toCheckIn)];


-(void) toCheckIn
{ NotificationsViewController *notificationViewController = [[NotificationsViewController alloc]init];
[self.navigationController pushViewController:notificationViewController animated:YES]; }

The view controller I'm trying to push (notifications controller) consists of a navigation bar, a label and a table. When I press the button, the view gets pushed but not completely. Only the navigation bar and label appears but the table just appears as a black screen.

Anyone else happen to come across the same things? How can I fix this problem?

EDIT: the table is dragged onto the storyboard while the label and navigation bar is done by code. Could this be an issue?

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You should gent Your NotificationsViewController fromage storyboard. Or better, use à segue –  Armand DOHM Mar 4 at 21:03

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A couple of things that I think will start you in the right direction:

It seems as though you haven't created a segue from your SourceViewController to your NotificationsViewController in storyboard. For what you're doing it would simplify the process immensely.

To create a segue all you have to do is CTRL-click on your SourceViewController's UIBarButtonItem and drag to your NotificationsViewController, let go, then select push as the segue type. If you need to pass data to the NotificationsViewController I would also give this segue an identifier in the attributes inspector for later use with prepareForSegue.

Now when your UIBarButton is pushed NotificationsViewController is instantiated through storyboard and it is then pushed onto the ViewController stack.

This was also the reason I believe you weren't seeing your UITableView in the view, because if you just dragged it onto the storyboard and didn't set it as a property of the NotificationsViewController, creating the brand new instance in code to push onto the ViewController stack will cause it only be aware of the subviews you added in code.

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