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I am using DURANDAL JS to build my web application and I need to add a google chart (PieChart). So far so good I can use 'ko.bindingHandlers' to create the binding needed to interface the chart with knockout. Now my question is : how can I interface the events generated by the chart then propagate the event to the DURANDAL layer? I mean if I click on the chart I would like to navigate to a specific DURANDAL view.

thanks in advance.


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You can use ko.utils.registerEventHandler to register and event handler in the init of your binding.

You can find a good example on Ryan Niemeyer's blog.

Take a look at how he's binding to the mouseup event.

Another approach you could take is to utilize Durandal's built-in pub/sub. You could call app.trigger() inside your custom binding, and then have your viewmodel subscribe to it. Your custom binding could send along with app.trigger() a payload appropriate to your usage scenario.

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