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I have an image (psd or svg file) I want to use it as template. As I will use it several times, The only thing I want to edit is 2 text layers in each time. Can I make java program that can edit these layers pro-grammatically, as the user will enter the 2 texts that he wants them to put in the two layers in the image?

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SVGs are just text files, so it is pretty easy to work with them. The simple solution would go something like this:

  1. Put some placeholder text in your template SVG file where you want the new text to go. For example:

    <text x="100" y="50">###TEXT1###</text>

  2. Write a simple java program to read in your SVG template into memory. Into a string will do if it isn't ridiculously large.

  3. Do a search and replace on your placeholder strings

    svgFileTxt.replace("###TEXT1###", newText);

  4. Save the file out.

Photoshop files are going to be quite a bit trickier. It would be better to use Adobe Scripting for them. http://www.adobe.com/devnet/photoshop/scripting.html

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