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I have created a method that return me a Map which is singleton Map as below

protected Map<String,String> getFavTypeCd()
   final Map<String,String> favType = Collections.singletonMap("1","first");
   return favType;

I was looking for a way , that I could extract the value for the above Map without iterating. Any ideas or suggestions.

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Did you try favType.get("1")? –  rgettman Mar 5 at 0:10
Yes it will. The get method is the way to retrieve a value via a key. –  rgettman Mar 5 at 0:16
@user1993412 What are you talking about? That's exactly how you retrieve a value from a Map –  Brian Roach Mar 5 at 0:16
@BrianRoach , How Can we do that based on the key directly. –  user1993412 Mar 5 at 0:16

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Yes , the easiest is to directly make use of the key to get value

 favTypeCd.get("1") returns "First"
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