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I'm doing my first deployment of a Rails app and using capistrano. The installation aborts with the following error:

*** [err :: plantality.com] RubyGem version error: will_paginate(2.2.2 not ~> 2.3.11)

but I've already vendored 2.3.11 to vendor/gems and have the following in my environment.rb (which google tells me is the correct thing to do):

config.load_paths += Dir["#{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/gems/**"].map do |dir| 
  File.directory?(lib = "#{dir}/lib") ? lib : dir

config.gem 'will_paginate', :version => '~> 2.3.11', :source => 'http://gemcutter.org'
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Just a side note, you don't need to specify gemcutter.org as a source...have you been to gems.rubyforge.org lately? :) –  qrush Feb 9 '10 at 5:33

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Remove ~> from :version

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Sorry, found the problem. I had made some changes to the environment.rb file and failed to commit them to SVN.

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