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I have an mfc application where my mainframe contains multiple CDockablePanes.

In some of the CDockablePanes I have a CMFCToolbar and a CTreeView.

When I receive the AFX_WM_RESETTOOLBAR message in my mainframe class, I use CMFCToolBar::ReplaceButton to add a CMFCToolBarComboBoxButton to my toolbar.

This works fine and I am able to use the combobox as expected however I want to receive a notification each time the combo box's edit control's text is changed (Each key press etc) but I have not been able to catch a CBN_EDTITCHANGE message at all.

I have been using this line in my message map: ON_CBN_EDITCHANGE(ID_TREEVIEWFILTER_COMBOBOX, Test)

But not hitting the function 'Test'. I have managed to catch other combo box messages eg. ON_CBN_DROPDOWN from in the toolbar class but not CBN_EDITCHANGE.

In my CMFCToolBarComboBoxButton derived class I override the CMFCToolBarComboBoxButton::CreateCombo function as shown:

CComboBox* FilterComboButton::CreateCombo(CWnd* pWndParent, const CRect& rect)
  CComboBox* pCombo = new CComboBox();
    LOG("Failed to create FilterComboBox");
    delete pCombo;
    pCombo = NULL;

  return pCombo;

Adding the code: BOOL bSuccess = pCombo->ModifyStyle(CBS_DROPDOWNLIST, NULL); after the call to CComboBox::Create causes me to receive the CBN_EDITCHANGE, but interferes with the function of the combobox.

I have managed to catch the edit controls message EN_UPDATE but not EN_CHANGE. This is so close but so far away...

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance!

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Have you tried using Spy++ to: 1. verify that EN_CHANGE is being fired and 2. To determine who it is being sent to? – user1793036 Mar 5 '14 at 3:22
No I haven't - I will try that thanks! – Liam de Koster-Kjaer Mar 5 '14 at 22:22

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