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Pylint generates this error for subclasses of an abstract class, even when those subclasses are not themselves instantiated and the methods are overridden in the concrete subclasses. Why does Pylint think my abstract subclasses are intended to be concrete? How can I shut up this warning without getting out the hammer and disabling it altogether in the rc file?

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For some reason pylint think the class isn't abstract (currenly detection is done by checking for method which raise NotImplementedError). Adding a comment like #pylint: disable=W0223 at the top of the module (for disabling only in this module) or class (only in this class), should do the trick.

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OK, so the answer is that pylint's detection mechanism is flawed, since it doesn't consider the metaclass. I knew I could disable at the module level, but it doesn't seem like a useful check in its current form. –  AdamC Mar 7 at 18:49

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