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I'm currently using a modified CSS Cacheer as an alternative but its syntax is somewhat vague and adoption is, well, abysmally low... Documentation is hard to come by as well.

I'm looking to switch to SASS as it has a bigger user base than CSS Cacheer and better documentation. I am aware of phpHaml but it doesn't have support for SASS yet.

Any recommendation on a SASS parser for PHP? Preferably it should support SassScript.

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Wow, 4 years are gone ? php-sass-watcher is pure PHP and recompiles your .scss to same-name .css files automatically, permanently. It's quite near the way Ruby's SASS does it. The project uses scssphp in the back, fitting latest SCSS syntax :) –  Panique Feb 9 at 18:25
Auto-SASS compiler in pure PHP for Laravel (loadable via Composer): github.com/panique/laravel-sass –  Panique Feb 13 at 10:03

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Try this one: PhamlP

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Its hopelessly broken and doesn't work as you'd expect in a lot of cases (as of this writing). –  CpILL May 19 '11 at 13:40
See this bug report I made with a basic test suite: code.google.com/p/phamlp/issues/detail?id=99 –  CpILL May 19 '11 at 14:00
Phamlp has been forked many times on github. One of the more active projects right now seems to be this one: github.com/richthegeek/phpsass –  chrisjlee Mar 15 '12 at 6:31

Sass 3 (beta at the time of writing this) supports any language or framework. You can now run Sass independently in Watch mode.

CD to your project folder in your terminal and put Sass into Watch mode:

sass --watch sass:stylesheets

Sass will now listen to the sass files within the sass folder for changes. When a Sass file is saved, Sass will generate a new version of the corresponding CSS file in the stylesheets folder.

I highly suggest this route. The reason I suggest doing this versus PhamlP or any other language-specific port of Sass (specifically Sass, not Haml) is that you are able to work with current stable/beta/edge releases of Sass as you'd like. As new features become available in Sass (like the new SCSS superset syntax), you get access to them by upgrading your Haml/Sass gem, not waiting for the developer of your language-specific Sass interpreter to port the new version.

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Except it requires you do deploy Ruby to all your servers. That is definitely not an option for me. –  Andrew Moore Apr 15 '10 at 18:11
no, only on your development environment. Sass renders the static CSS for you, you upload the static CSS. I can't find a compelling reason to compile Sass on-the-fly in production unless you're being fancy. –  ltackett Apr 15 '10 at 19:01
seriously this answer should be bumped up to 1st or second place. I only discovered this answer only after somebody posted the link to this answer even though i previously fave'd the question months ago. –  Kim Stacks Dec 9 '12 at 1:05

If you don't mind using SCSS syntax, then I've written a compiler: http://leafo.net/scssphp/

It's very up to date, and backed by a full set of tests. I'm also working on making a Compass package for use with it.

It's got good documentation too: http://leafo.net/scssphp/docs/

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It's great, thanks! –  Bart Burg Sep 26 '13 at 12:47
How I cant use your compass package? –  Parhum May 19 at 11:58

Take a look at PHPSass which is a port of PHamlP up-to-date with the v3.1.1.5 specification of SASS:

http://www.phpsass.com/ or https://github.com/richthegeek/phpsass

There's also a Wordpress plugin based on PHPSass https://github.com/sanchothefat/wp-sass and a Drupal module http://drupal.org/project/sassy

PHPSass does not rely on Ruby.

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Not specifically for SASS, but there for Leaner CSS (LESS) there is a class for parsing and processing LESS files in PHP.

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I'm using CSS Crush and includes caching, compressor, etc.! http://the-echoplex.net/csscrush/

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I've created a css preprocessor written in php. You can check it here: https://github.com/oscarotero/stylecow

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Is StyleCow a port of LESS OR SASS/SCSS or is it your own rules and syntax you came up with? –  Jakobud Mar 12 '12 at 22:35
It is not a less/sass/scss port. It is a css2php parser that can manipulate the styles using multiple plugins available (or create your own plugins). You can create your own rules :) –  oscarotero Jun 12 '12 at 22:28

Recently saw PHPSass!

From their website:

What is PHPSass?

PHPSass is a PHP compiler for SASS, a popular CSS pre-processor language.It is a fork of PHamlP that has been under active development since August 2011.It is up-to-date with the v3.1.1.5 specification of SASS, and is tracking v3.2 development actively.

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This projects seems interesting and up-to-date at first, but is dead :( –  Panique Feb 9 at 14:36
Yes. I knew. Nice ones go dead... :( –  Praveen Kumar Feb 9 at 14:52

1. php-sass-watcher for pure PHP compiling

2. laravel-sass for perfect SASS compiling in Laravel

As all of the other projects named here are either dead, horribly broken or simply don't offer any automatic scss compiling (without having to trigger it manually every time) I ended up writing two simple tool that:

  • compiles all .scss in your scss folder automatically into same-named .css files into your css folder every X seconds (php-sass-watcher) or every time you hit your index.php (laravel-sass)
  • is written in pure PHP !
  • uses the excellent scssphp compiler and puts automatism around it
  • supports the latest SCSS syntax, currently SCSS 3.2.12
  • works on all operating systems
  • is installed in under 60 seconds
  • let's you define the scss and the css folder, so you always have accurate, same-name css files of your scss
  • works with mixins, @imports and subfolders too
  • is activly developed
  • laravel-sass can be loaded via Composer easily, and works with ANY modern PHP framework
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An active fork of phamIp is http://phpsass.com/.

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