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I am working on a customized keyboard. I want to set icon for each character in the keyboard.

<Keyboard android:keyWidth="10.000002%p" android:keyHeight="@dimen/key_height" android:horizontalGap="0.0px" android:verticalGap="0.0px"
        <Key android:keyEdgeFlags="left" android:codes="3423" android:keyIcon="@drawable/q_shifted" />
        <Key android:codes="343"  android:keyIcon="@drawable/w_shifted" />
        <Key android:codes="" android:keyIcon="@drawable/e_shifted" />
        <Key android:codes="4342" android:keyIcon="@drawable/r_shifted" />
        <Key android:codes="2344" android:keyIcon="@drawable/t_shifted" />
        <Key android:codes="324" android:keyIcon="@drawable/y_shifted" />
        <Key android:codes="54" android:keyIcon="@drawable/u_shifted" />
        <Key android:codes="546" android:keyIcon="@drawable/i_shifted" />
        <Key android:codes="546" android:keyLabel="O" />
        <Key android:keyEdgeFlags="right" android:codes="5345" android:keyIcon="@drawable/p_shifted" />


 <Row android:rowEdgeFlags="bottom">
        <Key android:keyWidth="20.000004%p" android:codes="-101" android:keyEdgeFlags="left" android:keyIcon="@drawable/vv_english_on" />
        <Key android:keyWidth="14.999998%p" android:codes="-2" android:keyLabel="123" />
        <Key android:keyWidth="20.000004%p" android:codes="32" android:isRepeatable="true" android:keyIcon="@drawable/sym_keyboard_space" />
        <Key android:keyWidth="14.999998%p" android:codes="46" android:keyLabel="." />
        <Key android:keyWidth="14.999998%p" android:codes="44,59" android:keyLabel=", ;" />
        <Key android:keyWidth="14.999998%p" android:codes="10" android:keyEdgeFlags="right" android:keyIcon="@drawable/sym_keyboard_return" />

The icons are not showing for the keys but the icons like space, del, shift, drawable is correctly showing.

Is there any additional settings needed or is it not supported?

My icon size is 42 * 50 and are placed under drawable-xhdpi.

Thanks for helping.

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Why the android:code for e_shifted is null? –  twlkyao Mar 5 at 3:35
Will that be a problem ? I will change it try again –  user3381639 Mar 5 at 5:52
The android:code is for identifying the key, like its id, but it has nothing to do with the keyIcon. –  twlkyao Mar 5 at 7:03

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