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I am looking for a python way grab the client's MAC address. All requests are over the same network. I am looking for something similar to perform arp -n <Client_IP> on the router.

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may be you can do this using this two links by first finding the IP of the machine you intend to find MAC of and then from IP find its MAC find mac for ip and find ip –  y. dixit Mar 5 '14 at 3:49
I don't have much networking experience, so I don't see how I could combine those two answers. The first link provides a way to see the mac address of my own network interfaces and the second link provides a way to find the request user's ip. Could you explain how I could combine those? –  cemclaug Mar 6 '14 at 18:32

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Not sure but you can always get Ip address using the request object like

request.remote_addr and for that you have to

import request and then you can pass this ip to this function

import netifaces as nif
    def mac_for_ip(ip):
        'Returns a list of MACs for interfaces that have given IP, returns None if not found'
        for i in nif.interfaces():
            addrs = nif.ifaddresses(i)
                if_mac = addrs[nif.AF_LINK][0]['addr']
                if_ip = addrs[nif.AF_INET][0]['addr']
            except IndexError, KeyError: #ignore ifaces that dont have MAC or IP
                    if_mac = if_ip = None
            if if_ip == ip:
            return if_mac
        return None

from here.

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