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I am replicating an existing application in Silverstripe (PHP framework). The application has a lot of jQuery already and while its organised well at the moment it could get out of control as I grow it past its current point.

Having spent most of my development experience in PHP/MySQL, I have little experience in js front-end frameworks and would not likely use a framework to manage data manipulation with the server from the get go. Really I'm just looking for a suitable solution to organise and manage the js in the short term and something I can eventually evolve (with more experience under my belt) to a point I can manage all frontend logic with.

Is backbone the way to go? Any other advice?

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when you say while its organised well at the moment can you give some code of how you get data from the server and how you render it to your page. – Rida BENHAMMANE Mar 5 '14 at 5:00

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I've been using SilverStripe framework with EmberJS and EmberData with great success. Ember connects to SilverStripe with a RESTful API module

But you can very well use any JS framework and mkae your own SS controller of find other SS modules to help

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Thanks, Ember looks great. I think I will go with backbone for now as it seems less strict in how I do things which is ideal for me right now. By the way, great work on the SS RESTful API modeul, quick question on the module, how do I lock down what attributes I want available on a model. e.g. For member class I don't want to show password and encryption type? – Senor Geno Mar 17 '14 at 2:35
You can define onBeforeSerialize() function on your model or a dataextension. Then you can remove/add properties to the model like $this->password = null or $this->owner->password = null – colymba Mar 17 '14 at 8:08

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