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On restart of apache it start the minimum no of instances. But after sometime the instances reduces to less than minimum no of instances. Also i start getting randomly 500 errors on my application. I am assuming that some of the passenger process has been killed but not restarted which is causing error. My settings

PassengerMaxPoolSize 40

PassengerMaxPoolSize 20

My passenger status shows

max = 40

count = 4

active = 0

inactive = 4

Waiting on global queue: 0

The count is always less than minimum instances

Any help will be appreciated

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You are on Phusion Passenger 3, which is over 2 years old. Try Phusion Passenger 4, which fixes many resource control related issues.

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Thanks. Will try to upgrade and check. –  Neel Mar 5 '14 at 10:47

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