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I am implementing iAds in my project that to share single instance of iAds in all VC's by declaring it in subclass of a ViewController as adBannerVC and all other view controllers are subclassed using the adBannerVC and iAds are shown in bottom of VC's by sending it a subView of VC's like this..

before iAds is shown after iAds is shown

Now, when iAds appear in bottom, the view at bottom changes its position and the other subView (scrollView) in the VC must also resize without using AutoLayout. Help me to overcome this. Thanks..

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have you tried resetting the new frame size to scrollview in iAd delegate method by reducing the iAd View height? – Dinesh Raja Mar 5 '14 at 5:09
@DineshRaja i tried delegate method and works great. Thanks – Rugmangathan Mar 5 '14 at 6:41
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I have solved this issue using Delegate Method in adBannerVC as below

@interface AdBannerController : UIViewController <ADBannerViewDelegate>
    ADBannerView *ad;
    BOOL adIsVisible;
    BOOL displayed;


and implemented this delegate method to resizes views in each VC's

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