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Microsoft indicates that the Text Object Model (TOM) interfaces are implemented by both the rich edit controls and by Microsoft Word.

It's relatively simple to get a pointer to ITextDocument from a managed RichTextBox control, by sending the appropriate window message:

ITextDocument* FromRichTextBox(RichTextBox^ rtb) {
    ::IUnknown* punk = NULL;
    ::ITextDocument* doc = NULL;
    LRESULT lr = SendMessage((HWND)rtb->Handle.ToInt32(), EM_GETOLEINTERFACE, 0, (LPARAM)&punk);
    HRESULT hr = punk->QueryInterface(__uuidof(ITextDocument), (void**)&doc);
    return doc;

How about from Microsoft Word? Well, the obvious assumption would be that the Document class in the Word Object Model would implement the interface, but calling QueryInterface on a document object fails.

So, how does one go about obtaining an instance of ITextDocument from Microsoft Word?

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Good question, but IMO the text in the MSDN page you reference doesn't inspire confidence that Word actually provides an ITextDocument interface - if the author believed that Word implmented ITextDocument I think they might have said so, and perhaps even provided an example of how to get such an interface. Instead, they use the expression "support the TOM feature set" –  bibadia Mar 5 at 18:30

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