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I have doubts on how the security protocol works in creating links.
I see 3 cases:

if ($ secure === null) {
    // use the current protocol 
} elseif ($ secure === false) {
    // changes to the `http` protocol 
else {}
    // change to `https` protocol 

if I'm in "https://www.domain.com/login.html" and want to keep the current protocol:
HTML::link('profile.html', null) // https

if I'm in "https://www.domain.com/login.html" and want a link http:
HTML::link('news.html', false) // http

if I'm in "http://www.domain.com/news.html" blogroll and HTTPS:
HTML::link('login.html', true) // https

is that how it works?
I have not found much that could explain.
I thank anyone who can help
thank you

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What application are you talking about here? There is no such function inherent to PHP. –  duskwuff Mar 5 at 7:55

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