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So, I'm solving some ODEs in MATLAB using ode45. Nothing particularly complicated about them or the code, but each ODE solution takes 20-30 minutes to obtain, and I need to get about 10. (It's a parameter sweep.)

While sitting and waiting for the solutions to arrive, I find myself wishing there was some way to watch the solutions be plotted out as the ODEs are solved, both to reassure myself that progress is being made and to be able to end the solver if something seems to be off about the solution.

Is there a way to return the current (incomplete) solution from ode45 and plot it in real time as it's being solved? I'm currently plotting the solutions as they arrive, but that still takes some time, and real time would be fantastic.

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If you were to plot it in real time, you'd have to edit the code of the solver itself. In doing so, I imagine it would cause the solver to slow to a crawl when you run it because it has to graphically plot what it's doing. Not much of an answer im afraid, but for some reason the site didnt let me post this as a comment...

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That's what I had feared, although I hadn't though of the time delay in plotting - d'oh. Thanks! – DNelson Mar 6 '14 at 4:17
But its always worth a shot. Have a close look at the ode45 code and see if you can siphon out some realtime data by editing the code – Tomsai Mar 6 '14 at 7:36

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