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I made a java program for downloading some images from a selectable directory from any website. Everything is working fine, but sometimes it doesn't continue downloading but throws a SocketException after a while. Here the error log:

62.png downloaded
63.png downloaded
64.png downloaded
65.png downloaded
66.png downloaded
Exception in thread "main" java.net.SocketException: Unexpected end of file from server
    at sun.net.www.http.HttpClient.parseHTTPHeader(Unknown Source)
    at sun.net.www.http.HttpClient.parseHTTP(Unknown Source)
    at sun.net.www.http.HttpClient.parseHTTPHeader(Unknown Source)
    at sun.net.www.http.HttpClient.parseHTTP(Unknown Source)
    at sun.net.www.protocol.http.HttpURLConnection.getInputStream(Unknown Source)
    at java.net.URL.openStream(Unknown Source)
    at DownloadImage.main(DownloadImage.java:35)

The files are not the problem. Sometimes it stops at the 5th image, sometimes at the 70th. It seems to be pretty random.

I suspect an uneven connection to the url I try to reach. But how can I fix it? I tried to set the connect and the read timeouts to a hilarious value


but it didn't solve it.

Any ideas? Or does my problem have another root?

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You can't fix a problem at the server end from your end. Setting a read timeout is always a good idea, but this value is just silly, and won't affect this problem. Setting the connection timeout to a huge value is pointless as (a) you can't increase it beyond the platform default of about a minute, and (b) it has nothing to do with this problem. – EJP Mar 5 '14 at 7:35
Ok, I thought the timeout would make my client wait longer for an answer of the server. Well then I have to think of another solution. Thanks! – Froxx Mar 5 '14 at 8:43
Can you show us your source code? Maybe you don't check for errors the right way. (Errors happen...) – hgoebl Mar 5 '14 at 21:57

I found another solution for my problem now.

The SocketException is thrown by

ReadableByteChannel rbc = Channels.newChannel(websiteUrl.openStream());

so I built a try'n'catch clause and a while loop around it:

ReadableByteChannel rbc = null;
while (true) {
    try {
        rbc = Channels.newChannel(website.openStream());
    } catch (SocketException e) {
        System.out.println("connection failed");

It doesn't solve the bad connection problems of course, but at least I can download everything in a single run of my program now.

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