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How to start / Stop services from command line CDH4 --. I am new to Hadoop. Installed VM from Cloudera. Could not find start-all.sh and stop-all.sh . How to stop or start the task tracker or data node if I want. It is a single node cluster which I am using on Centos. I haven't dont any modifications.

More over I see there are changes in the directory structures in all flavours. I could not locate these sh files on the VM for my installation.

[cloudera@localhost ~]$ stop-all.sh
bash: stop-all.sh: command not found

Highly appreciate your support.

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try ./stop-all.sh in the directory where stop-all.sh exists. –  nicky_zs Mar 5 at 7:06
Hadoop services if not managed by cloudera manager can be located in /etc/init.d/hadoop-*. If they exist use the command service stop hadoop-<servicename>. Otherwise you have to connect to your cloudera manager web UI. It is usually running in port 7180. So try localhost:7180. –  alvits Mar 5 at 7:21

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